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Poop on the Politicians!

Fun new app lets you show your unhappiness with politicians by pooping on them!

by SL First Tech Team

Fancy a little fun in amongst all the serious debating stuff on the run-up to the election. We do, so with the Leader's Debate getting under way on ITV, we thought we would explore a way for everyone and anyone to express an opinion. It is just over one month before the UK General Election, so right now, in addition to the opening salvos in the live debate, our newspapers and TVs are covered with politicians telling us why we should vote for their party and not anyone else.

Our question, is whether you have ever wished for a simple and easy way to express your opinion about a particular politician. Well now you can, with a fun new app called Pigeon Poop - the Pigeon Poop® App is a fun opinion poll game that allows people to vent their feelings about the politicians standing at the upcoming General Election.

 The satirical App, which is available now for Android and online users, (the Apple/iOS version will be coming soon), allows voters to encourage their pigeon to ‘do its business’ (poop!) on the head of many of the UK’s leading political figures, including the main party leaders. Players don't actually need to be a registered voter or even over 18 – the fun is open to all and completely free to use.

Voters can poop on the politicians, for fun, as many times as they like and with 12 playable levels, 4 game types and 3 levels of difficulty, there’s plenty to keep voters pooping right the way through to the election date.

By visiting a related website voters can also see the latest ‘National Opinion Poop®’ stats with ‘Britain's Unpopularity Poll’ highlighting who are the most unpopular politicians in the eyes of an amused game-playing public.  

To keep up to date with the fun, regular bulletins of who is doing best, or rather worst, will be posted on the site right up until election night itself. Indeed Pigeon Poop Ltd. aims to publish their stats daily as the Election Day gets nearer.

Nigel Hall Founder & CEO of Pigeon Poop Ltd. said, “Many voters see politicians as birds of a feather in that they lack a connection with the public. Well here’s a way that the public can make a real connection with them!   In short, Pigeon Poop General Election 2015 is a great game that lets you turn politics into enormous, light-hearted fun. How better to woo the public back to politics? And, with the addition of the National Opinion Poop website we also have ‘Britain's Unpopularity Poll’ that uniquely records how unpopular the fun-loving public find someone. 

“We have listened to the Great British voters and in keeping with the best traditions of British satire have created an amusing game to turn their frustrations into a light hearted and yet highly representative opinion poll. So now with our innovative App, the public has a unique and incredibly satisfying way of expressing their opinion – by pooping on the politicians they most dislike!   After all, how many times have politician’s pooped on us over the years? This is just a humorous way of letting the people get their own back. So my message to the voters is simple: get pooping and ‘tell 'um what you really think!’” The game is aimed at all ages and Hall hopes that he can get all those with grey hair, like himself, to embrace his computer game.

 When you start the game, you can choose the politician you want to poop on and which Pigeon they want to be; there’s Peter, Poppy, Penny and others. Then, if they want to, they can chose to associate themselves with a political party. Having then chosen what colour poop they want, they select which game they want to play and off they fly – and poop!

The game is available for Android phones/tablets (Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, etc) right now, you can download it via Google Play or you can play in your web browser at The iOS version is coming soon - so keep checking on iTunes!

Article by SL First Tech Team

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2nd April 2015