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Deaf Education Advocacy Fellowship (DEAF) launches Deaf Black Minority Ethnic Project

Event seeks to outline the support available to Deaf BME people

by Sarah Lawrence, Editor

The Deaf Education Advocacy Fellowship (DEAF) are very excited to announce the launch of the Deaf Black Minority Ethnic Project. This project aims to provide an opportunity for the BME communities of Trafford and the wider Greater Manchester area to engage and receive accessible information on core issues in the area. The project hopes to raise awareness of services and facilities that can improve the lives of deaf and black ethnic minorities who live in the area.

Do you live in the Trafford or Greater Manchester area? Would you like to be part of a network of people supporting BME issues? The sessions will offer a unique opportunity to access information; meet other people and watch presentations by the brilliant guest speakers who have been invited to attend.

Different topics will be discussed at each session and those attending will decide what is on the agenda for each session.

For example, housing issues, domestic violence, social care, disability services, learning disability support, hate crime, family support, counselling, isolation and social activities.  The session will also be able to sign post you to find the right services within Trafford/Greater Manchester.   

Traditionally, Deaf BME individuals and communities have faced many barriers preventing access to information and services, in-part due to communication needs not being met. In working with multi-cultural groups, Through this new group they aim to break down and remove these barriers, providing more knowledge and awareness. DEAF is an organisation that strongly believes that Deaf people from diverse and different cultures should have access to information without feeling isolated or ignored.

The BME service has a well established three year track record of running projects which provide services and events on a monthly basis. We also provide services for Education, Employment, Benefits, and Welfare to Work.

Please click on the link below which explains all about the BME project and you can see the British Sign Language Video with audio: http://www.deaf-fellowship.org/trafford-deaf-bme-project/

The session is being hosted on Friday 22nd January 2016, 2.00 p.m. - 5.00 p.m. at Harry Lord House, Humphrey Road, Stretford, Manchester M16 9DF.

Article by Sarah Lawrence, Editor

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20th January 2016