Language & Communication30th November 2015

BSL Advent Calendar - Helping Adults and Children to Learn Festive Signs

Christmas time is always popular to share some seasonal good wishes in sign language

by Sarah Lawrence, Editor

On the run up to Christmas, I am always inundated with requests from students, friends and people I meet, to teach them some festive signs. This ranges from people wanting to say Merry Christmas through to a full translation and performance of The Twelve Days of Christmas. Whilst partly disappointed that people don’t necessarily want to learn for the rest of the year, I am always willing to give people a few simple signs, if for no other reason than the more people who use it, the more awareness there is of British Sign Language.

This year, I am pleased to offer my BSL advent calendar. It is aimed at Level 1 students and as a revision tool for Level 2 students. It comes in two parts. The first is aimed at adults learning BSL, and in a short clip each day I will show how to sign the day, the date and a festive word, using the South Wales regional dialect of BSL.

At the end of that short clip will be a festive sign that people can teach to children. You will notice the different use of facial expression to make these signs age specific, and I would urge you to copy that also when teaching the sign.

By the time Christmas Day comes around, you should know quite a few of the seasonal signs.

I hope you enjoy them.


Article by Sarah Lawrence, Editor

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30th November 2015