Deaf Life11th July 2015

A Helping Hand

Unity used to be our strength, but is a more competitive attitude beating it out

by Sarah Lawrence

A Helping Hand

Has greed beaten down Deaf camaraderie
Is selfishness replacing our collective thought
Does power and influence lead to my suppression
Or will you give me a helping hand

Since when did jealousy cloud your judgement
Why do you snort at my success
You wait to pick holes and criticise
But will I be given a helping hand

Every step I take forward you resist me
Each idea for change you knock back
If it's not about you, you're not interested
So no helping hand I guess

There was a time it was different
We looked out for each other and met as friends
What happened to our wonderful deaf culture
When people jumped to your side

Are those wonders of deaf culture gone forever
Is the new way to be full of hate and spite
I offer my hand to help you
Because between us we can start something new

Deaf culture is about helping others
Putting people before yourself
It's about celebrating all our successes
‚ÄčAnd always being prepared to help out

Article by Sarah Lawrence

posted in Community / Deaf Life

11th July 2015